Monday, July 28, 2014

the mass slaughter of dogs in bali

"FIRM ACTION". "Dogs were brought illegally slaughtered (in Bali.) In such cases, we try to find the owners to make them (the dogs) and make sure they are vaccinated. But when they n 'belong to anyone, we have to shoot them, "said Mr. Sumantra, believing that this ongoing problem required a" firm action ".

Questioned by AFP, the Association for the Defence of Animal Rights Peta strongly condemned such practices "inhuman", "local animal rights groups have established successful vaccination programs, and the number of human affected by rabies has dropped significantly, "said Peta in a statement.

TOURISM. Indonesian authorities have also taken steps that resulted in the vaccination of more than 300,000 dogs against rabies, dropping significantly the number of deaths among humans who have contracted the virus in Bali. Since 2012, ten people died from the disease, against 147 a few years ago.

A petition on platform calling for the end the mass slaughter of dogs collected more than 20,000 signatures, and Peta warned against the impact on tourism in Bali - much frequented by Westerners destination - considering that "number of people experiencing compassion" after discovering these practices "will give up to go to Bali . "