Monday, July 28, 2014

Eat It Some Teeth Over White

Eat It Some Teeth Over White

food for putihGigi white teeth will make a more charming smile. Natural white teeth can fade due to the habit of consuming food or beverages such as black tea or coffee. Although able to change color to yellow, it is not mean there is no way to restore white teeth. Current selection procedure is available in a variety of teeth whitening clinics, but if you want a natural way, then it can also be done.

Harold Kats, the original Beverly Hills dentist, explains that certain foods can also help whiten teeth, among which is strawberry, green tea, and dark chocolate.

"To get the best results, then the food should be eaten after waking up in the morning. Because that's when plaques accumulate on the teeth during sleep at night, "he said.

As for the detailed clarification is as follows:

dark chocolate
Dark chocolate contains theobromine, a bitter powder that can help strengthen the enamel on the tooth surface. Strong tooth enamel known can help prevent discoloration of the teeth. However this only applies to dark chocolate only, not other types of chocolate.