Thursday, October 9, 2014

What was Article Mixer

Best wishes, My buddies. I want to share the experience of using Article Mixer to generate content (hopefully) unique. To mod and Mimi, if this thread or re-post already been discussed, please delete it. Immediately step ya.

What was Article Mixer
Article Mixer can be obtained in hghp: // Function: to mix English-language articles that have been set so as to produce up to one hundred new articles are "similar but different". Honestly, I do not dare to say whether the articles produced were "unique" or not, but certainly the articles it passes plagiarism checker (hbnp: //

"Maybe" also qualify Copyscape because when I check with Copyscape free version (do not have a premium hehehe), which was detected only in the HTML text of my experiments WordPress blog comments.
So, at least will not be considered as duplicate content by Google. CMIIMW. In my opinion, the principle of this tool is actually me-re-write the articles master with a focus on the replacement of synonyms.

Why from earlier told you the articles (plural) anyway? Let me show you In my experiment, I made three (3) article with detail almost everything together: the theme, the number of paragraphs, the number of words, sentence structure, and even punctuation such as periods and commas. However, such was not the same the third article: whenever possible, I replace each word with a synonym. To find synonyms, use this hyyahp: // The result? Continued below.