Friday, August 1, 2014

The octopus is definitely a resourceful animal

Cupping an arm amputated octopus systematically refuse to cling to the skin of an octopus, whatever. However, if they are presented with the flayed flesh of an octopus, they seize it without hesitation. For researchers, it is a sign that the skin of the octopus contains something, most likely a chemical that inhibits the suction cups of the animal. Thus, the arms of an octopus never would attach to each other.

"Self" and "non-self"

But that's not all ... The researchers repeated the same experiment with amputated octopus and then, surprise! They found that animals react differently in the presence of it was a piece of tentacle owned or not. Facing one of its members cut, Octopus is unable to use his suckers, unless the catch at the injury, that is to say, by a free skin area. A result consistent with those of the first experiment.

However, the same octopus amputee takes no problem with a piece of tentacle belonging to one of his fellows. In other words, while the peripheral nervous system of the animal banned activation suckers face any skin belonging to the species, the central nervous system, it is able to distinguish "self" from "non-self" and, if necessary, override to devour a ruthless tentacle that does not belong.

The octopus is definitely a resourceful animal, and that's why he so interested researchers. Unlock its secrets, is to give the opportunity to play and create robots capable of the same feats. Imagine a flexible arm that can walk into a sick gut avoiding scrupulously and himself, all contact with the wall. Get it?