Thursday, August 14, 2014

the history of the Internet connections

What will this treasure? It will be sold, says Hold Security, and used to send spam targeted the personal computers being the main target, according to the company. However, Alex Holden says the New York Times that CyberVor seems for the moment to settle "to send spam on social networks on behalf of other groups ".

Hold Security actually maybe a little too much and does not hide its commercial approach. In its statement, violently titled " You've been hacked " , the company ends its explanation by the proposal of a subscription to $ 120 per year (90 euros) to check if an account has been visited by Russian hackers. Anyway, despite the number of stolen passwords, the operation seems less serious than hacking 2.9 million accounts at Adobe, which had enabled the thieves also capture card numbers credit.

The information gathered could be used to trace the history of the Internet connections of a user whose IDs and passwords were known, including purchases on the Web. © Jean-Luc Goudet / Futura-Sciences