Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rosetta was a mission without Philae

On the scientific objectives of the lander , we will return in more detail at the time of landing (8-11 November). In case of failure, many of them will be achieved by Rosetta. Only the panorama of the landing site and the use of Consert, which will perform the tomography of the nucleus of the comet, will fail. On this instrument, be aware that it is also installed on Rosetta. Both will work together. "A radio signal passes the component of the instrument in orbit than the surface of the comet is then immediately returned to its source " . Recall that initially, Rosetta was a mission without Philae. It was not until late in the project came to be added.

If it is not possible to determine when the mission of the lander is over, it should die hot! "It's very surprising, but understandable when you consider that a comet is very cold. " In fact, when we will arrive at perihelion in August 2015, "as everything has been optimized for maximum photon , Philae will heat so strong that it will fail " . Of course, "keep him alive until that date would be a great victory".